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I won’t be translating comments from Korean news article anymore because I personally dislike the effect it has on people. People seem to seek the approval of the Korean netizens. It elevates the comments, the opinions into something of importance, when frankly the comments do not mean much. The bad comments on the articles are like typing ‘myungsoo bad’ on search engines, and reading the negative words. Just because they are written by people of the same nationality as the idols, just because people are willing to translate it, doesn’t make those comments more worthy than yours or my opinion. It is like going to a news website and seeing majority negative comments of your government and think that the current government will lose power comes the next election, yet that same government gets re-elected. People tend to forget that the majority you see on the Internet are actually the minority. The majority of the population is actually silent. Those negative comments will not affect Myungsoo or Infinite. 

Positive Comments


Title: “My Lovely Girl” Jung Soo Jung-L, Slap and Fighting ‘The Start of a Twisted Fate’

Source: Naver

 [+1466, -38] L is playing the role of a jerk this time round…ㅇㅅaㅇ

 [+1309, -37] What’s ‘Infinite Power’

 [+1265, -397] Both of their actings have grown a lot compared to before

 [+1078, -303] L ‘s visual  ㅎㄷㄷ He is kinda cute even though he is playing a jerk

 [+906, -311] Although his character has poor upbringing, but I’m not the only one who thinks he is charismatic right?

[+225, -29] The two of them are more compatible 

 [+135, -62] Everyone can see L’s growth whenever he acts in a drama, so what’s with the fuss? Instead of thinking of his flaws, one should also look at his efforts. If you want to criticise, go criticise the scriptwriter for writing such a horrible script. 

In defense of Si Woo

Spoilers Alert

I swear some of you are way too judgemental. Even before the drama even airs, people were like “Myungsoo doesn’t even have to act, Si Woo is just a combination of L and Myungsoo”. Now that the 1st episode airs, which he actually has only 7 minutes of screen time, people were like “Myungsoo is playing a jerk”, “Myungsoo doesn’t suit playing emotionless character”. I’m not going to argue whether Myungsoo suits the role or not, but rather how good  the character Si Woo is. 

There are multiple character descriptions of Si Woo floating around the Internet, and all of them just scream character depth. If you even bother reading the other characters’ descriptions, Si Woo is by far the most complicated character in the drama. Even from the first episode, you can tell that he is not the conventional 2nd male lead in Korean dramas that acts as the guardian of the female lead.  He clashes with Se Na right from the start. Most importantly, Si Woo has a story of his own. His character exists not only because according to the Korean drama template, you need to have a 2nd male lead who will love the female lead. Si Woo’s storyline extends beyond his love-line with Se Na and his rivalry with Hyun Wook. 

Loveline: He is originally in love with Ra Eum, then falls in love with Se Na. 

His Relationship with Hyun Wook: They don’t have a friendly relationship as the CEO and the celebrity and now they are love rivals.

Family: He is filial towards his mother but he has family issues.

As an Idol: He didn’t become an idol because that’s his dream. He got into an idol group, Infinite Power, which in the end abandoned him and left him on his own.

Personality: Every character description has described Si Woo as having a fragile heart. Yet people still think Si Woo is emotionless. Speechless.

There’s not much to analyse about his personality from the mere 7 minutes, but Si Woo is clearly sensitive and jaded hence his paranoia towards Se Na.  

Si Woo is alive as a a character as he will fall from fame and pick himself up. He will scream, he will cry and he will laugh. As a fan, I ‘d rather Myung Soo plays a character that tests and stretches his acting abilities, than to play a role as Gil, who honestly serves nothing than to be sassy towards his boss. 

I think people need to realise that there ‘re a lot of media outlets in Korea. This means that a topic or an issue can have lots of articles. However, when language is a barrier, we are dependent on translations. It’s as though translations are our spectacles, without it, all we can see is blurred views. We can only see clearly when there are translations, however, we forget about that blind spot when there are no translation. 

Anyway, back to the main point. When we see 4 articles on the same topic with negative comments, it is easy to assume that the comments in general are negative. But that’s not true. Those comments are merely from 3 articles out of soooo many. I have seen positive comments on Myung Soo’s acting in ‘My Lovely Girl’ in more than 3 articles. In fact, there ‘s 1k+ up vote on a comment praising both Myung Soo and Krystal on their improved acting. It’s just unfortunate that the 4 articles translated have negative comments. It’s not the fault of the translator either as there are so many articles. Besides she already states in her disclaimer that the comments do not reflect the opinion of general population. Unfortunately, Myung Soo will forever have negative comments on his acting, because even if he can fix his flaws, he can’t change his voice. If people can’t even take him seriously when he sings, what make you think they will when he acts.

what’s the point in being a fan of someone and saying i love him blah blah blah and yet all it takes is just a photo of a similar accessory to jump into conclusions and your trust in him just shattered like that?

it just reflects a terrible lack of trust you have in the person you fan. That you never really believe that they broke up. That’s why you still keep track of someone whom you’re not even a fan of. In case of “signs” like this.

The most ridiculous part is the so called object of suspicion is not even the same item. That we have not one but two fan sites, coming out to clarify that the bracelet he is wearing is a fan gift and he has been wearing it. Even she who shall not named posted a picture of black hair bands (which is so common). 


While Dongwoo and Hoya was talking you could hear Myungsoo singing Back and Diamond behind them

infiniteficreclistot7 asked: i'm not sure if i understood correctly, but did you mean that this video interview was shown at the concert venue before his solo stage? like a VCR of sorts for the fans before he performed?

Yes, according to the article, it was shown during the concert before his solo stage

Ah looks like I translated just on time before NB translates the shitty comments.

People should actually read the bloody article before commenting, and should get to KNOW him before judging him.

Argh SMH. 

Infinite L ‘s “Because of the prejudice towards looks…unable to showcase skills”

Infinite member L (real name Kim Myung Soo) expressed his frank opinions on the stereotype that he only has looks.

The main character for today’s solo stage is L. Before his stage, a pre-interview video was revealed.

L said, “Because I didn’t talk much, I didn’t have much friends, I felt lonely during my school period.” As for the reason why he debuted as a celebrity, L said, “Frankly I heard many praises on my looks from people around me, and then I became a celebrity.” He laughed and said, “But during my trainee period, I thought what can I do, as Infinite ‘s L, I tried my best in everything.”

On his school life, L shyly smiled and said, “During school festivals, people around me showed me a lot of concern.”

As the visual of Infinite, L frankly said, “There’re a lot of focus on my looks. People have a lot of prejudices on me. The focus on my looks is too high that it overshadows my skills, that people don’t notice my real skills. I have a lot of ambitions. I hope to gain everyone’s recognition then I will be happy.”

L said, “My job is a singer, I will be loyal to my job. Without Infinite, I would not have all my activities. For the fans, I hope I can become someone who can face all kinds of situations and be a multi-entertainer.” and “The things I promise, I hope I can fulfil as time passes, I hope I become better. “

L sang Deli Spice’s Confession while playing the guitar. He personally composed his guitar solo and practiced it passionately.


Becausethisarticlereceivedalotof attentionandNBwillprobablytranslateitand thecommentsareshittyandnoonetranslatethearticlestill