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what’s the point in being a fan of someone and saying i love him blah blah blah and yet all it takes is just a photo of a similar accessory to jump into conclusions and your trust in him just shattered like that?

it just reflects a terrible lack of trust you have in the person you fan. That you never really believe that they broke up. That’s why you still keep track of someone whom you’re not even a fan of. In case of “signs” like this.

The most ridiculous part is the so called object of suspicion is not even the same item. That we have not one but two fan sites, coming out to clarify that the bracelet he is wearing is a fan gift and he has been wearing it. Even she who shall not named posted a picture of black hair bands (which is so common). 


While Dongwoo and Hoya was talking you could hear Myungsoo singing Back and Diamond behind them

infiniteficreclistot7 asked: i'm not sure if i understood correctly, but did you mean that this video interview was shown at the concert venue before his solo stage? like a VCR of sorts for the fans before he performed?

Yes, according to the article, it was shown during the concert before his solo stage

Ah looks like I translated just on time before NB translates the shitty comments.

People should actually read the bloody article before commenting, and should get to KNOW him before judging him.

Argh SMH. 

Infinite L ‘s “Because of the prejudice towards looks…unable to showcase skills”

Infinite member L (real name Kim Myung Soo) expressed his frank opinions on the stereotype that he only has looks.

The main character for today’s solo stage is L. Before his stage, a pre-interview video was revealed.

L said, “Because I didn’t talk much, I didn’t have much friends, I felt lonely during my school period.” As for the reason why he debuted as a celebrity, L said, “Frankly I heard many praises on my looks from people around me, and then I became a celebrity.” He laughed and said, “But during my trainee period, I thought what can I do, as Infinite ‘s L, I tried my best in everything.”

On his school life, L shyly smiled and said, “During school festivals, people around me showed me a lot of concern.”

As the visual of Infinite, L frankly said, “There’re a lot of focus on my looks. People have a lot of prejudices on me. The focus on my looks is too high that it overshadows my skills, that people don’t notice my real skills. I have a lot of ambitions. I hope to gain everyone’s recognition then I will be happy.”

L said, “My job is a singer, I will be loyal to my job. Without Infinite, I would not have all my activities. For the fans, I hope I can become someone who can face all kinds of situations and be a multi-entertainer.” and “The things I promise, I hope I can fulfil as time passes, I hope I become better. “

L sang Deli Spice’s Confession while playing the guitar. He personally composed his guitar solo and practiced it passionately.


Becausethisarticlereceivedalotof attentionandNBwillprobablytranslateitand thecommentsareshittyandnoonetranslatethearticlestill

Myungsoo’s Character Description in ‘My Lovely Girl’ + Relationship Links

Singer, Member of Infinite Power 

Si Woo (Male, 23)

The leader of the Kpop Hallyu Wave, the ‘face’ of the most popular idol group ‘Infinite Power’. 

Although he is charismatic and witty, he has a childish side of losing his temper easily and then immediately regrets it. 

Have to often tell him that he is the best to motivate him. Although he really hates to hear people say that he became a singer through his looks, but it is not entirely false.

He is in charge of the easiest part in the song and choreography, but he always stand in the centre. As a result, he is subtly ostracised by the members.  

Because a producer pulled a dirty trick, all the members except him moved to another company, and left him alone. People say he is finished this time.

However, it won’t end like this. Under immense pressure that even breathing is hard, Se Na ‘s existence is his stabiliser. 

With her encouragement, he feels that he can even beat Justin Bieber. Should he tell her he likes her? Should he try to date her? No, if they are discovered, the remaining fans will all leave right?

While hesitating, Se Na’s heart is getting closer to Hyun Wook.


Si Woo’s Relationships with the Rest of the Characters

Hyun Wook (Rain) is his boss and his love rival.

Si Woo likes Se Na (Krystal), who is in love with Hyun Wook. 

Kang Rae Hyun (Hoya) is his rival and leader of Infinite Power.

Ra Eun is dating Rae Cheon but is in love with Si Woo.

Myungsoo ‘s improving singing skills ^^

can people stop bringing up myungsoo whenever someone got into a dating scandal. thank you very much.

From a myungsoo stan

Anonymous asked: Hi,what do you kije most about myungsoo,and is there anything you don't like about him?


The thing I like most and dislike most about Myungsoo is something that makes me love him, but also frustrates me on so many levels, is the fact that Myungsoo does not want to be seen as just a pretty boy and wants to be taken seriously as an idol that has talent and isn’t just there because he looks pretty, constantly wanting to prove himself capable of being an idol that people can be proud of and look up to. 

And while I’m sure you may wonder why I both like and dislike this characteristic of his, this aspect of him is actually a double-edged sword that causes me to be super proud of him and feel awesome whenever he overcomes something, but it also makes me feel depressed and disheartened to see as well. I may admire all the hard work and effort he puts into improving himself, wanting to prove to others that he isn’t just a pretty face (He isn’t, he’s a very talented guy that barely gets any recognition for said talents and is usually regarded as talentless.), but I also dislike the fact that he always feels the need to improve himself and actually doesn’t consider himself to be that great when it comes to certain things like his acting, singing, and dancing, anything that really has to do with being an idol. (I’m sure there are moments where he does feel proud of himself, but there are also way too many moments where I know he doesn’t.)

Myungsoo puts so much of himself into trying to get people to approve of him and stop saying he sucks at everything he does, only to be constantly shot down by haters, anti-fans, and even fans alike, is something I don’t like seeing. I don’t like it when people say he sucks or that he’s talentless or seem to judge him ten times harder than everyone else or have such high expectations of him that he can never match up to them even if he died trying. So many people like to put this boy on some type of pedestal so they can watch him fail, and I hate that. I hate that people do this to him, when he’s never given less than 110% in what he does and has shown improvement in various areas, as well as giving us plenty of reasons to say that he’s actually talented at singing, acting, and dancing. (He may not be the best, but he’s constantly improving and doesn’t suck as much as people want to make him out to be. Like for his singing, he can hold his own and has been able to hold his own for about a year now. And while his acting still needs some work, he’s still improving and has shown improvement in every role that he gets and actually does a decent job. (Just because he has a somewhat higher and distinct voice that others don’t have, that doesn’t mean he sucks.) Or in dancing, he’s not naturally a dancer, and yet, you have him in Last Romeo doing great and showing that he’s improved and can actually dance pretty well when he puts the time and effort into doing so.)

I hate that he believes that he constantly needs to get better and improve himself, and yet, never seems to think that he’s actually gotten to a point where he can say that he’s pretty good. He never says that he’s good in a lot of things, even though, he actually is and he should be appreciated as an idol that isn’t just a talentless hack that’s there to be the visual and nothing else. He has a lot of things going for him, and yet, so many people don’t want to see it. And when you compare the amount of hate this kid gets to other idols, not many get as much hate as he does. Because so many people can’t give him the time of day to actually hear how much he’s improved, saying he just sucks, will use another Infinite member and say how much he sucks in comparison to them, or will hold him at such high standards that it isn’t a wonder why he can’t ever match those standards, they’re just too damn high and if you applied those standards to any other idol, only a few would probably match, so why hold Myungsoo to these standards and no one else? 

For instance, Myungsoo has improved so much on his vocals that he should probably be seen as a lead vocal now and get that position, and yet, when asked this question for one of his interviews, you know what he said? He said that he’s not good enough to be a lead vocal and that he needs to improve more. Or how about the fact that he’s always telling fans that he’ll constantly give them a much improved Myungsoo every year or any time he feels like he’s done wrong or can’t meet expectations, even though he’s done nothing wrong and has improved enough that he doesn’t have to say that. Like how many times does he have to say that until people start looking at him like an actual person that gives it their all instead of looking at him as if he has to be some perfect robot that always has to do well and if he doesn’t do well, then obviously he sucks and shouldn’t be an idol or do some of the things he’s interest in like acting. Like why the hell does he constantly feel the need to improve himself or say that he doesn’t deserve things because he’s not good enough?

Like why do I have to listen to this when I know how good he is, how talented he is, and how he doesn’t have to go to the brink of making himself sick to meet the standards of those that just seem to hate on him for no reason. He’s done more than enough to show me that he’s a great and talented idol that deserves my respect, so why can’t others be like me and think the same? 

Like why does he have to constantly doubt himself?

Why do people want to hate on him for no apparent reason?

Are you jealous of his looks?

Are you jealous of his job? 

Are you jealous that instead of being just a pretty boy, he’s talented too?

Like seriously, the amount of Myungsoo hate that transpires within and out of the fandom can be so disgusting sometimes and I hate seeing it, because Myungsoo is my bias and hasn’t really done anything wrong to deserve such hate.

Yes, Myungsoo can be a bit of a dolt and he may put his foot in his mouth sometimes, but everyone has done that in their life before. And while he may not be the smartest tool in the shed, he makes up for that in hard work and effort and just being a very sweet guy in general. Myungsoo’s a bit of a sweetheart who can be a bit naive and innocent and looks at the world in ways that some people do not, but none of those things should make people dislike him or hate him either. 

Myungsoo hasn’t done anything to deserve the amount of hate he gets, and yet, he constantly gets it and will probably continue to get it forever, because for reasons I’ll never know. 

And that hurts me, because I hate seeing my bias get hurt by these things. I hate having my bias doubt himself and see himself in a negative light because stupid people want to say he’s untalented and doesn’t deserve the things he gets.

So while I’ll constantly be able to admire Myungsoo’s tenacity and will power to constantly give people an improved and better version of himself, I’ll also continue to be disheartened by the fact that he has quite a bit of doubt in his abilities and talents, even though that is not his fault. 

And this is why Myungsoo will continue to be my bias, because not only is he a talented and great person, he also deserves as much love as he can get, because not only does he deserve it, I hope that people will eventually come around and see how great Myungsoo is like I do.